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Team Language learning

Fast, economical results for groups

For language learning in organisations, we have created a programme which contains all the material needed for 12 consecutive weeks of group sessions to complement the home study course.

Each individual learns the basics of the language at home and at their own pace through Accelerated Learning's home-study courses.

Team language learning pack





The pack includes:

Team leader notes

12 structured lesson plans
Set of 360 multi-language vocabulary cards
Wall charts      Video

Available in:




Then, each week for 12 consecutive weeks, and led by a language tutor, the learners meet together on your premises. They practise communication and build fluency through a 90-minute interactive session of activities and games.

The fact that the learners are immediately putting their new vocabulary to use not only builds fluency and communication skills, it also motivates them to keep up with their home study.

This weekly cycle of learn-then-practise produces a basic competence in a foreign language in 12 weeks.

Team Language Learning is a fast, effective and extremely economic way to achieve language skills for a group of learners.


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