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Classic Accelerated Learning language course



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The Classic Accelerated Learning

Home Study Language Course

takes you from beginner to GCSE standard in 72 hours (average) of enjoyable home study

Click on each feature to see how it helps you learn your new language faster:

1. The Name Game

25 pages within the main A4 book, which show you the common features of English and the language you are learning

2. The Radio Drama

12 one-hour audio CDs with three versions of the story.

3. Text Book

The large-format text book presents the text in a unique way which helps you understand the new language immediately.

4. Memory Maps

Each act of the drama is represented as a pictorial "memory map" to further embed the new language.

5. Games and 'Activations'  

The language you learn through the radio drama is "activated" with games, puzzles and activities.

6.  Physical Learning DVD

This bonus stand-alone DVD teaches you vocabulary for parts of the body, objects and actions in a physical way.

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