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We publish several other books on Accelerated Learning, and related items.

Accelerated Learning Book

Accelerated Learning
By Colin Rose

The book that started it all! With over 300,000 copies sold in over ten different languages, Colin Rose’s original book is as relevant as ever.

It examines the origins of Accelerated Learning, defines the principles that have underpinned the worldwide movement ever since and gives proof of its effectiveness.

The book includes one of the clearest summaries of how memory works and the role of memory aids and music in Accelerated Learning.


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Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century Book

Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century
by Colin Rose & Malcolm Nicholl

Ten years after the publication of Accelerated Learning, this is the follow-up book.

It explores the new research on the brain that led Colin Rose to create the successful and now widely used six-step MASTER (also known as CHAMPS) learning programme.

From early learning to lifelong learning, this new book covers it all and gives scores of practical examples for anyone wanting to know how to learn, teach or train more effectively.

"A significant and inspiring book. An important map ... to the new patterns of thought needed in the next learning system. An absolutely splendid work."

Roland Meighan, Professor of Education, Nottingham University


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Learning CHAMPS
by Colin Rose

A4 format full-colour guidebook detailing the CHAMPS learning to learn system devised by Colin Rose.

This book takes 10-16 year-olds through each step of the programme:

Confident to learn

Home in on the facts



Prove you know

Sit back and think



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FUNdamentals - The Guidebook
by Colin Rose & Gordon Dryden

The book that shows how parents can put in place the building blocks to raise a brighter, happier child.

It covers the foundation pre-school years from 18 months to 6 years, describing how children develop and learn, and what parents can do to help that early education.

Activities are described which cover all the aspects of early learning - from promoting self-esteem to developing memory and concentration; from fostering creativity and curiosity to laying the basis for the three Rs - reading, writing and maths.


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Health Defence
By Dr Paul Clayton

No subject is more important than your health and we have been privileged to publish the best book we have ever seen on maintaining your health.

The author is Dr Paul Clayton. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine a doctor of pharmacology and a former Senior Scientific Advisor to the UK government's Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

For a fuller description, click on the "HEALTH" button above left.


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After Atkins
By Dr Paul Clayton

Dr Clayton analyses why it has become so much more difficult to maintain a healthy weight these days.  And comes up with a science-based practical diet that not only leads to weight loss, but can actually slow the ageing process.

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The Mind and Body Diet Manual Book

The Mind and Body Diet Manual and cassette tape
By Colin Rose

The Mind and Body Diet is a six week course to help you make a permanent change in both attitudes and patterns of eating. We deal sympathetically with the real life challenges that slimmers face — not just the surface problems.

For example, the issue of 'Mood Food': the food you eat not for nutrition or energy, but because you are tired, or bored, or fed up, or angry, or depressed, or lonely. It's only when you learn how to deal with 'Mood Food' that you have a long term solution!


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By Colin Rose

A practical manual for effective learning.

The first part of the book examines how you learn. Then it describes learning techniques that match the way your brain likes to learn best - in order to speed up your learning.

Find out how to triple your reading speed; 14 strategies for a better memory; The eight human intelligences; How to develop a near-photographic memory for names; The six rules of persuasive writing; How to think for new ideas; How to work smarter not harder.


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