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Jump Start Language Basics Series


Imagine you are visiting a foreign country next week!

We have developed short language courses designed to teach you all the language you will need to know to take you through a typical trip — whether you are a tourist or business visitor.

You'll learn enough in just a few days to make a real difference to the enjoyment and success of your trip.

Practical and easy-to-use, the Jump Start series also addresses all learning styles.

Jump Start DVDs (and videos) are available in FRENCH, SPANISH, GERMAN and JAPANESE.

The DVDs have been recorded in each foreign country, and feature real people in real life situations such as restaurants, shops, taxis, hotels and banks.

You will experience these situations as if you were there, and hear people talking directly to you. The phrases you need are then presented on the screen, and you will have as much time as you wish to repeat and learn them. It's like having your personal tutor and is an ideal way to learn the basics quickly.




Jump Start Language Basics Video


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