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The results apeak for themselves

The Accelerated Learning Method is different – but it has been validated as a more effective way to acquire a language – whether at home, in school or in a corporate setting.

Two matched same age classes were tested over a year in a UK School (Bridley Moor, West Midlands). One class used Accelerated Learning courses, the other class used conventional materials. After a year, 67% of the Accelerated Learning class achieved 80% or better – versus 11% achieving the same level using the conventional materials.

results table

In another UK school district (Westminster/London) a group of twelve 16-year-old students needed to learn Italian, but there was insufficient time available in the curriculum. They were each given an Accelerated Learning course for self-study, supported only by one hour of teacher contact a week.

After just two terms they took their GSCE examination in Italian and all passed at A grade level. Most students are expected to need between 6 and 9 terms to achieve the same type of result.

Organisations for whom language skills are critical are choosing Accelerated Learning. They include, hotels, London Airports Authority and major airlines. United Airlines recently chose the courses for it's international flight crew after reviewing other courses in the marketplace. JAL (Japan Airlines) have also recently introduced the method.

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