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FUNdamentals gives your child a flying start – and it's practical, too

FUNdamentals pack

A comprehensive pack containing activity cards, guide book and scores of games for pre-reading, writing and numeracy.

No-one has unlimited time in today’s fast-paced society. It’s a challenge for busy parents to keep their children not just happily occupied, but occupied with activities that are both fun and mentally stimulating.

So FUNdamentals has drawn on the best advice from many of the world's top child experts.

There are literally hundreds of games and activities to choose from. Games which provide countless hours of fun yet purposeful play. Games that turn even shopping trips or car journeys into entertaining and educational experiences.

FUNdamentals is so called because the most basic rule of all is that MENTAL stimulation should also be lots of FUN for your child. It makes the most of the time you can spend together.

And proven ...

The FUNdamentals programme has been used for many years with great success by parents like you – as you will see, if you view just some of the testimonials that we hold. It is also being used by local education authorities and by nursery schools in the UK and indeed USA. Click here to see the testimonials.

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