Colin Rose's learning techniques

Colin Rose does a limited number of teacher professional development training days personally.
They cover how to implement the 20 most effective teaching and learning strategies as identified by recent research - plus a wealth of tips to boost engagement and learning.

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An INSET training day with Colin Rose typically covers the following:

  • The best Teaching and Learning Strategies identified by Professor John Hattie’s seminal meta-survey covering over 200 million students
  • Teaching strategies validated by a 10-year study at the University of Newcastle and OFSTED as ‘highly effective’
  • Shared model of the learning process. You and your students are both working to the same understanding of what makes learning successful.
  • Motivation boosters that really work
  • Individualise learning through the concept of multiple intelligences
  • Strong lesson openers to gain attention and concentration
  • The 14 most effective visual organisers
  • The top physical learning techniques that work for any subject
  • Memory magic recall techniques
  • Co-operative learning to boost motivation and attainment
  • Peer learning methods to increase comprehension
  • Get higher order thinking through a unique hierarchy of questions in a classroom poster format
  • Facilitate pupil involvement in self-assessment of learning

Price for whole day from £1,000, includes printed hand-outs.


“Highly motivating – I have found nothing better. It improves students' learning and engagement.”

Educational Psychologist, London

Ian Milward

“I have used Colin Rose’s inspiring learning and thinking strategies with remarkable success. The results were not just long term better grades but immediate improved attention spans – because students were so involved.”

Teacher, Profuturo School, Warsaw, Poland

“I learned more from the first 90 minutes than in any other teacher training session ever!"

Teacher, Wroclaw, Poland