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Improve student results and get more learning for the same teaching time

Colin Rose’s Accelerated Learning techniques have transformed learning for hundreds of thousands of students over the years.

Students differ in their academic abilities, but every student can become a better learner by being taught proven learning techniques. Accelerated Learning can show how to embed learning and thinking skills into your classroom on a daily basis, within existing lesson plans.

Doing so improves results and creates a more active, collaborative class. Pupils become more independent, motivated, self-managed learners and become better able to take advantage of the increased learning opportunities that new Digital School technology offers.

That in turn enables you to better individualise learning to fit their abilities and personal learning preferences. The result is more engaged students and less stressful teaching.

Children using Accelerated Learning are racing ahead...the results are spectacular!

It's the equivalent of a full INSET day.

  • Ideal for late primary and early secondary, when teaching pupils how to learn has the biggest long-term impact
  • The best Teaching and Learning Strategies identified by Professor John Hattie's seminal meta-survey covering over 200 million students
  • Teaching strategies validated by a 10-year study at the University of Newcastle as ‘highly effective’
  • Shared model of the learning process. You and your students are both working to the same understanding of what makes learning successful.
  • Motivation boosters that really work
  • Individualise learning through the concept of multiple intelligences
  • Strong lesson openers to gain attention and concentration
  • Memory magic recall techniques
  • Co-operative learning to boost motivation and attainment
  • Visual learning methods to increase comprehension
  • Get higher order thinking through a unique hierarchy of questions in a classroom poster format
  • Facilitate involvement in self-assessment of learning.

“The programme is a winner. It can help almost anyone of any age to improve their learning.”

The Association for Further and Higher Education, England

“People will discover their preferred way of learning and use their brain capacity more fully. Learning becomes more enjoyable, easier, more effective and faster for people who have discovered ‘Accelerated learning’.”

Open Learning Today magazine

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