Creating better, more motivated learners

Students may differ in their academic abilities – but every student can become a better learner – if they are taught some research-proven learning strategies and techniques.
This is the driving idea behind two new and unique practical video training programmes.

Together they create a more active, collaborative class, helping pupils to become more independent, motivated, self-managed learners, which is essential if they are to take advantage of the new Digital School technology.

The author is Colin Rose, a founder-member of the UK Campaign for Learning, who has designed the teaching methodology for the EU-funded Eduscience project.

If you can learn HOW to learn, then all learning becomes natural;
if it’s natural, then it’s quicker and if it’s quicker,
you can learn more effectively with better results than before.

Complementary materials for TEACHERS and PUPILS

"… a wide range of active, fun and interesting techniques to create a relaxing, enjoyable and high quality, beneficial learning experience…"

The series of on-demand professional development videos for TEACHERS shows how to embed learning and thinking strategies into the classroom on a daily basis and within existing lesson plans. It’s an inexpensive INSET day in bite-size sessions.

"Children using Accelerated Learning are racing ahead … the results are spectacular."

The companion 90-minute video for STUDENTS teaches the top 10 learning strategies as identified by the largest ever meta-survey of successful learning techniques. It was conducted by Professor John Hattie at Melbourne University and covered no less than 200 million students!