Secrets of discipline for young children

By Colin RosePre-school learning

How is it that when you visit a pre-school nursery class there can be 10 -12 toddlers sitting quietly, raising their hands politely to talk and actually cooperating?? How do the nursery school teachers do it? Here are some of their secrets. Use language that assumes compliance Saying “If you stop painting, we can go … Read More

Save money and improve teaching in the Digital School

By Colin RoseSchool learning

Digital content saves money and liberates the teacher Digital content can be updated continuously – and delivered instantly and far more cheaply than printed content. It can be embedded with video, hyperlinks, animations and individualised, self checking tests. The savings may even pay for the necessary infrastructure. Indeed more than one US school district is … Read More

Personalised learning in the Digital School

By Colin RoseSchool learning

Digital learning gives students an element of control over time, place, source of information and pace. It allows students to learn in their own way, on their own timetable, wherever they are, often at a time that suits them. And a sense of control is a fundamental element in motivation. Students are already using digital … Read More