Superfoods for young children

By Colin RosePre-school learning

The top 10 brain-healthy foods that young children need – and like The first 5 years of life – the pre-school years – are vital for a child’s brain development. In particular for a child’s ability to focus, and to fully develop his or her memory and cognitive skills. Indeed, researchers say that the brain … Read More

How Do You Maximise Learning?

By Colin RoseAdult learning, School learning

I spend a lot of time researching some of the most innovative teaching and learning ideas from around the world. This blog aims to showcase some of these ideas. How to maximise learning is a question that lies at the heart of every student’s individual success, school improvement and even national economic growth.  For a … Read More

Best practice examples of the Digital School

By Colin RoseSchool learning

The idea of 1:1 education is further developed in the USA, so I’ll take some examples from there. Pennsylvania’s 1-to-1 computing initiative Classrooms for the Future It has supported 12,000 teachers and 500,000 students statewide. The programme equips English, maths, science and social studies classrooms with internet-connected laptops and advanced learning resources. A key finding … Read More