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mozg-logoLearn Faster and Easier

Happy studentsLearn to be a better learner, based on latest brain research. The top 10 learning strategies to improve school and further education results.

ludzie-logoMaster Languages Fast

boardroomIf you are struggling to learn a foreign language, our superfast language system used by celebrities, top companies and government makes it easy and enjoyable.

czytanie-logoDevelop Your Child’s Abilities

Give your child a flying start with our unique programme of games, activities and advice. Now officially recommended by many local authorities in the EU.

komputer-logoDigital technology in schools

Happy teenagersSee our advice on hardware and software [IWBs, tablet devices, learning platforms] and learn from best practice worldwide with our unique reports.

czytanie-logoLearn at any age

kafelek-4Our home-study programmes are proven for all ages – work at your own speed in your own home.





Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd developed the original Learning Style Test. Do it now FREE to see how you can best use your multiple intelligences!



Accelerated Learning Systems UK was founded in the 1980s and has been publishing unique books and programmes ever since which encourage and develop lifelong learning. From age 1 to 100, accelerate your learning with the pioneers.

Colin RoseColin Rose

Founder of Accelerated Learning in the UK and author of books on innovative education, including the original ‘Accelerated Learning’. His uniquely effective learning frameworks ‘CHAMPS’ and ‘MASTER it Faster’ are widely used in schools and universities.

Eduscience projectEduscience

A thousand teachers, 3,000 pupils and 250 schools in 16 European regions and a North Pole research station are taking part in our EU-endorsed £6 million project that changes the way children learn science at school.


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